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If you love to travel but have limited time, then this is the site for you.  Travel On A Time Budget provides great ideas for short breaks and highlights some of the interesting, unusual or must-do things in a place.  You don’t always need unlimited time – just a passion for travel and some great ideas!

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5 reasons not to overlook Hannover for a short German break

Judging by some of the reactions I have had to my recent weekend away in Hannover, it’s not top of people’s list for a short break in Germany.  And it’s true that it’s probably pipped by the likes of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne.  But this doesn’t mean it’s not worth spending some time here – the sheer fact that it’s...
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2018: discovering some perfect travel on a time budget destinations

Image: © Elizaveta Galitskaya/ To those who have read and commented on my posts this year, a huge thank you. I’ve been fortunate enough to squeeze in a fair few “travel on a time budget” trips, many of which have been one or two nighters. This has allowed me to pack in a lot and visit destinations that have been...
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One night in Jersey: a little bit of childhood nostalgia

I grew up a short drive from England’s Dorset coast. This meant that most Sundays we were bundled into the car for a day out, to spend some time walking along the coast, rock pooling in the bays, followed by an obligatory stop in a local tearoom and a wander around a souvenir shop to buy some teeth rotting fudge.  So...
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