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If you love to travel but have limited time, then this is the site for you.  Travel On A Time Budget provides great ideas for short breaks and highlights some of the interesting, unusual or must-do things in a place.  You don’t always need unlimited time – just a passion for travel and some great ideas!

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5 reasons why Switzerland is a perfect travel on a time budget destination

Anyone who knows me will vouch that I absolutely adore Switzerland.  And other than the fact that it’s a tad expensive, why wouldn’t you? But it’s not just the highly liveable cities, breathtaking scenery and fantastic food, it’s also a favourite for the sheer fact that’s it’s a perfect country to explore if you’re on a time budget. Here’s why: 1....
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Hannover’s Herrenhausen: wandering the stunning Royal Gardens

You won’t be in Hannover long before realising it’s an incredibly green city – there are parks and lakes galore as well as a 1,600 acre forest to amble around.  And although it’s true that the rebuilding of large swathes of the city centre after the World War II Allied bombings focused more on functionality than attractiveness, the city retains...
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Angra do Heroismo: gateway to Terceira’s natural treasures

My guide book said that Angra do Heroismo was one of the most beautiful cities in the Azores and a must-see for any visitor to the archipelago which lies in the Atlantic Ocean about 900 kilometres west from the Portuguese coast.  Having spent a couple of days exploring this delightful town this summer, I was so impressed that I am...
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