If you love to travel but have limited time, then this is the site for you.  Travel On A Time Budget provides great ideas for short breaks and highlights some of the interesting, unusual or must-do things in a place.  You don’t always need unlimited time – just a passion for travel and some great ideas!


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Holidays in the Eastern Algarve: 7 things to do in Tavira

This post contains affiliate links Holidays in the Algarve Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal; image (c) Jack Sopotnicki/ Dreamstime  The Algarve is a popular destination for holiday makers. Being Portugal’s most southerly region, and forming a fringe along the Atlantic Ocean, it is blessed with beaches galore, picturesque white washed villages and a pleasant climate.  This is probably the reason that millions of people...
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Childhood weekends revisited: rediscovering Dorset’s West Bay

This post contains affiliate links It might have first drawn national attention in 2013 with ITV’s “Broadchurch” and David Tennant, but for me, it’s always been there.  Growing up nearby in south Somerset, Sunday afternoons often involved a drive down to West Bay on the Dorset coast.  As a small child, my focus was the flashing lights of the amusement arcade and bouncing up...
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Verona: an utterly enchanting place for a short break

The Oxford Dictionary defines “enchanting” as “delightfully charming or attractive”.  Well, Verona is all of these. A small, pretty, medieval city, with cobbled streets that lead you to its handful of must-see attractions, it’s hard not to come away without finding something to love. The main centre is not that big. I therefore found that the best way to see everything was...
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