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If you love to travel but have limited time, then this is the site for you.  Travel On A Time Budget provides great ideas for short breaks and highlights some of the interesting, unusual or must-do things in a place.  You don’t always need unlimited time – just a passion for travel and some great ideas!

Latest trips

Odense: literally where fairy tales were made

Do you remember some of the stories of your childhood: The Little Mermaid, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and the Ugly Duckling? I do, but I hadn’t realised that they were all written by Hans Christian Andersen, back in the 1800s. But this was only one of the many fascinating facts that I learned during my visit to the museum dedicated...
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San Marino: a bit of an enigma…

I decided to visit the Republic of San Marino out of curiosity: what would the world’s fifth smallest country be like?  Just how small is it and is it as pretty as I’d seen in pictures? Entirely surrounded by Italy, does it have a real Italianate feel to it? We started our trip with an overnight stay in Rimini (which...
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Corsica: visiting Napoleon’s birthplace

Located on Corsica’s rugged west coast, the island’s capital city, Ajaccio is a beguiling port city full of pleasant surprises. The centre is compact and easy to wander around. The small maze of narrow, and sometimes cobbled streets in the old town, is definitely worth exploring, particularly for its great restaurants. There’s also a vibrant farmers’ market nearby, and a...
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